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EEOC report calls for reboot of employer antiharassment efforts

by Leslie Silverman Over a 15-month period, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Commissioners Victoria Lipnic and Chai Feldblum led a task force focused on understanding and preventing workplace harassment. On June 20, 2016, Commissioners Lipnic and Feldblum released a final report and recommendations based on their experience leading the EEOC task force.  Task force and […]

Include Customer Harassment in Your Harassment Training

According to a recent article on HR.BLR.com, you might want to incorporate a recent court case, which involved accusations of ongoing sexual and racial harassment by a customer, into your training on harassment. For the details of the case, click here. What the court said The appeals court majority reversed on the hostile work environment […]

Does Your Harassment Training Include Harassment by Customers?

One court recently decided that an employer can be held liable for harassment from customers. The court in this case concluded that “an employer is liable under Title VII [of the Civil Rights Act of 1964] for third parties creating a hostile work environment if the employer knew or should have known of the harassment […]

Train Your Supervisors in Supervisory Skills

The material in today’s issue is brought to you courtesy of our sister publication, Compensation Daily Advisor. Your supervisors aren’t technical experts on HR matters, and they’re not going to be, but you can train them to act in a way that preserves HR’s options, says Attorney Mark Schickman, a partner with Freeland Cooper & […]

Do You Train Supervisors to, Well, Supervise?

“Sure, you’ve got handbooks, but you need to train your supervisors on the material provisions of your policies and rules, says Attorney Mark Schickman. And they need to understand that policies must be fairly and consistently applied.” While you are at it, Schickman adds, make sure that your practices match your policies. Schickman is a […]

Training & Development Survey Results–How Do You Compare?

Top compliance training topics for employees are new hire orientation (79%), sexual harassment (75%), and discrimination (69%). For professional development training for employees, job-related skills leads the list (73%), followed by communication (66%), customer service skills (59%), team building (49%), computer skills (46%), and time management (36%). The survey also covered: HR’s Role in Training […]