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Health Savings Accounts Continue to Grow in Popularity

By David Slaughter, JD, Senior Legal Editor Data collected from Devenir Group, by surveying top health savings account (HSA) providers, reflects both a consistent trend toward account growth and a “savings mindset” taking root among healthcare consumers. The new study shows the popularity of HSAs and their continued to grow, with the number of accounts […]

HSAs and HRAs: Which Are Faring Better in the Health Plan Market?

Which is faring better in today’s health insurance market—health reimbursement arrangements or health savings accounts? To find out, United Benefits Advisors (UBA) surveyed more than 10,000 employers representing more than 5 million total lives for its special report, 2015 Health Plan Survey, “HSAs and HRAs: How They’re Doing. UBA broke out the survey data on how employers […]

After-tax HSAs may help employers avoid paying the Cadillac tax

Plan design can help employer plan sponsors avoid the objectionable task of paying excise taxes on health plan coverage they provide to employees. The Cadillac tax is the Affordable Care Act’s way of taxing health benefits, in part to fund the law’s ambitious coverage objectives. As liability under the tax in 2018 approaches, employers are […]

Rules for QHP Transparency Soon Will Apply to Employers

Insurers and plan sponsors soon will have to report to the government (and list on a web page) their policies on: out-of-network liability and balance billing; enrollee claim submission; claims and denials; recoupment of overpayments; medical necessity; prior authorization; drug exception timeframes; explanations of benefits; and coordination of benefits. Guidance HHS published on Aug. 12 […]

IRS Fleshes Out Plans for Applying ‘Cadillac Tax,’ Seeks Input

New IRS guidance spells out more issues the agency plans to address in imposing the excise tax on high-cost employer-sponsored health coverage (commonly known as the Cadillac tax). These include: (1) identifying taxpayers who may be liable for the excise tax; (2) aggregating several employers under one plan sponsor’s payment; (3) allocating the tax among […]