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How Many Weeks Must Your Employees Work to Pay for Healthcare Coverage?

Healthcare coverage has been a hot button issue for employers since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law in 2010. With President-elect Donald Trump taking office, there has been much speculation over whether or not the ACA will be repealed. Only time will tell if the ACA survives a Trump presidency, but […]

Infographic on Health Care Costs 2014

This infographic via Mercer shows that although US health benefit cost growth slowed again in 2013, employers expect the rate of growth in per-employee cost of coverage to increase in 2014. “The good news is that employers have already taken decisive action to slow cost growth so they will be in a better position to […]

Same-Sex Marriages Legally Recognized: How Do Healthcare Benefits Change?

With the DOMA ban on same-sex marriage being ruled unconstitutional, what does this mean for healthcare benefits—will a same-sex marriage be recognized in the same way as other marriages, thus allowing the same-sex partner to receive spousal healthcare benefits paid for at the pre-tax rate? This is just one of the many questions employers are […]