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4 Ways Your Company Can Survive a Recession and Emerge Stronger on the Other Side

With energy prices and inflation surging, supply chains in disarray, COVID-19 lockdowns in China, war raging in Ukraine, and the U.S. stock market in free fall, the risk of a recession grows by the day.  Recently, both Walmart and Target posted a stunning drop in earnings as their operating costs spiked and consumers avoided splurging […]

The Continuing Zoom Experience

The widespread shift to remote work has been a blessing for millions of wardrobe-conscious workers. Instead of worrying whether colleagues will notice an outfit worn twice in the same week, most virtual meeting attendees can get by as long as they have a not-too-wrinkled dress shirt laying nearby. But even though virtual meetings don’t require […]

Faces of HR: Dr. Steve Goldberg on the Value of Telehealth Engagement, Health Benefits, & More

Meet Dr. Steve Goldberg, VP, Chief Health Officer, Medical Affairs & Diagnostic Services at Quest Diagnostics, an organization that empowers people to take action to improve health outcomes. Dr. Goldberg not only has HR-related credentials, but also chairs the Quest safely working together committee.  How did you get your start in the field? I started […]

How Objective Hiring Methods Can Reduce Bias and Discrimination

It has never been more important for HR teams to be capable of building and sustaining a diverse workforce. Companies with diverse employees aren’t just more innovative and high-performing than their peers; they’re also in a stronger position to attract and retain top talent. However, many organizations are still using traditional hiring methods that constrain […]

Creating a Culture of Constructive Disagreement

While many organizations have at least one or two stereotypical aggressive, Type-A personalities who aren’t shy about sharing even their most controversial opinions, most people tend to be a bit more reserved. This is especially true in a corporate setting, where norms of etiquette, professionalism, and hierarchy often stifle potential disagreements. Junior Team Members Defer […]

4 Ways HR Leaders Can Ease New Employee Job Anxiety

The ongoing Great Resignation has consumed workplace narratives in recent months, but it only paints half of the picture. The effects of the pandemic spurred professionals to leave their jobs and go on to find new ones, with a recent PwC survey showing that one in five workers expect to switch employers in the next […]

What Does it Mean When Big Tech is Laying Off Staff During a Labor Shortage?

We’re used to regular announcements of massive investments, billion-dollar valuations, and endless growth from Silicon Valley. But right now, the previously indestructible tech sector is talking about hiring freezes and rounds of mass layoffs. Investors are pulling back, fearing an economic slowdown or even a recession amid rising inflation and a cost-of-living crisis, and tech […]

How HR Can Help Companies Adapt to the Rapidly Changing Workforce

Companies face an ever-expanding range of workforce crises, from an extremely tight labor market to new norms and expectations in the workplace that are forcing HR teams to meet more stringent employee demands than ever before. As if these problems weren’t difficult enough, rampant inflation and rising interest rates are threatening to cause a severe […]

Purpose Connects Employees to Their Workplaces

A company’s office used to be the gathering place for employees to connect, collaborate, and conduct their best work. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. People got a taste of working from home, and they liked it … a lot. Today’s employees don’t have the strong connection to their physical offices. A study by consulting […]

Tackling the Great Resignation? It’s All About the Health Benefits

The “Great Resignation” has been covered, discussed, and analyzed ad infinitum. It is hardly a fresh topic, admittedly, but it’s going to remain a topical one for the foreseeable future. According to Quest Diagnostics’ 2022 Health at Work study, more than 3 in 4 (78%) HR leaders say their organizations have been impacted by this […]