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Why Companies Aren’t Hiring

The headlines have been full of stories about unemployment, the so-called “jobless recovery,” and lately we’ve been hearing about a potential double-dip recession. So when a colleague suggested I tackle the subject of why businesses aren’t hiring, I figured I could throw in my two cents. First let’s talk about unemployment. As of July 2010, […]

Hiring Outlook: Mostly Cloudy for Rest of 2010, HR Pros Say

Many companies are staying put at their current employment levels (40%) or adding only 1-4 jobs (30%) in the last half of 2010, according to results of the Hiring 2010 HR Hero Line survey. Fewer than 15% of the respondents are planning to reduce staffs. Companies that are adding jobs cited a variety of reasons, […]

Hire Based on Data, Not “Gut”

On Fridays, California Employer Daily will often be given over to an “E-pinion” column by Jennifer Carsen, Esq., ERI’s Managing Editor. If you’ve got an idea for a 500-700 word column on any topic of interest to California employers, we’d love to have you as a guest columnist. Just describe your idea in a brief […]

Zappos’ Jamie Naughton’s Advice on Hiring, Retention

Q&A with Jamie Naughton, Cruise Ship Captain at Zappos.com Q: What’s the secret to getting on Fortune‘s “100 Best Companies to Work for in America” list? A: I don’t know if there’s a secret but I do know what they look for. Two thirds of the score is based solely off of what your employees […]

5 Lessons from Lost on Hiring, Safety, and Other Workplace Issues

By Alan King and Tony Kessler At first glance, you might think a TV show featuring plane crash survivors on a remote Pacific island — with time travel and an evil smoke monster thrown in to boot — would yield few if any insights into how to run a great workplace. But as the six-year […]

Happy Headhunting for Employers

By Gulu Punia Successful headhunting can add significant value. But employers must be careful that they don’t become the hunted. As with any hunt, there are risks that may not be obvious. In the employment context, a Canadian employer may be on the hook for extended severance or risk an action from the previous employer […]

Recordkeeping: How long to hold on?

Litigation is the ultimate test of the adequacy of an employer’s recordkeeping practices, says attorney Allen Kato of the San Francisco office of Fenwick and West LLP. Of course, the courtroom isn’t the ideal place to discover that records are inadequate, incomplete, or nonexistent.

Do Your Benefit Plans Violate the ADEA?

by Stephen Stine We aren’t getting any younger, and neither are your employees. As a result, employers are increasingly having to confront age-related issues that may lead to legal liability. These issues arise not only in the context of hiring and firing decisions but also in the design of benefit plans. To ensure your benefit […]