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Q&A: Looking at Remote Workers and Employment Authorization

Yesterday we heard from Holly Jones on how the recent administration’s aggressive enforcement of immigration policies might influence I-9s and other authorizations for remote workers. Today we’ll look into who else can serve as an authorized member, plus the bottom line. By Holly Jones

The Cost of Compliance? Applying Risk Assessment to FLSA Exemptions

By Holly Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor During her recent master class on the upcoming changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) white collar exemptions, Kara Shea shared a wealth of advanced, in-depth legal information on wage and hour compliance. She also shared a little of the practical business strategy that comes from her […]

FLSA Exemptions: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

Yesterday we heard advice from expert Kara Shea concerning Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemptions and audits. Today, more from Shea on how to stay out of legal hot water when it comes to these tricky matters.

Q&A: How Can We Safely Conduct an FLSA Compliance Audit?

By Holly Jones, JD, BLR Senior Legal Editor Question: In preparation for the new regulations coming on December 1, we’d like to conduct a comprehensive Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) audit of all of our positions. We expect that some positions will be reclassified based on salary threshold, but we may also have some positions […]

Got a Task That, Well, You Know…? Automate It!

By Holly K. Jones, JD, Senior Legal Editor When the Roomba first hit the market it was one of those mythical things, to me—like hoverboards and self-driving cars and same-day Amazon delivery—about which I could only dream. But as the prices became more reasonable and the devices more sophisticated, I decided that, as a person […]

California’s Data Breach Notification Law Expands

By Holly Jones, JD Always the trailblazer when it comes to employment law, California’s data breach notification law was the first of its kind. As data security issues continue to dominate the business world, the state’s laws are adapting as well. In the coming year, the law will include definitions of terms and specific formatting […]

Should We Ditch the Dreaded Performance Appraisal?

  In today’s Advisor, BLR® Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, outlines challenges of appraisal systems and offers tips for making them meaningful. Don’t worry, she says, skepticism about appraisals is not unusual. A Google search on performance appraisals will return numerous articles calling for the death of the performance review, a defunct management ritual that […]