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California Disability Case Charts New Territory for Employers

A California Court of Appeal has found that an employer may be liable under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) for failing to accommodate an able-bodied employee’s request to modify his work schedule to care for a disabled family member. The court’s interpretation of the FEHA creates significant new obligations for California employers.

You’re No Posh Spice; Go Home and Change Your Shoes!

It was recently reported that Victoria Beckham, AKA Posh Spice, has turned in her heels for the more comfortable option of flats, while on the job. Beckham told The Telegraph, that “I just can’t do heels anymore, especially when I’m working,” adding that “I travel a lot. I have to be comfortable.”  Every working girl […]

The DOL’s New Overtime Rule and Unintended Consequences

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently released a new rule that requires anyone who makes less than $47,476 annually to receive overtime pay. When a colleague suggested I consider this topic for my blog, I was reluctant. I’m not an expert on wage and hour issues. We have many people much more qualified than […]

Rah rah ree! Pay our salary!

If your Google search for “California cheerleaders illegal” led you here, our apologies for your initial disappointment. But, please, stay a while, because the recently filed class action lawsuit by the Raiderette cheerleaders against the NFL’s Oakland Raiders is instructive as to the types of issues that can lead to wage-and-hour litigation.  Do we have […]

Why consultants give consultants a bad name

I consider myself reasonably open to new ideas and exploring new opportunities, but the other day when a financial consultant began questioning some things we have and have not done in our business I felt my temperature begin to rise. I must admit it was my idea to take this consultant and his colleague to […]

Excessive Absenteeism: When Enough is Enough

By Keri Bennett Employers everywhere often wonder when an employee’s “innocent” or no-fault absences reach a level that warrants termination. Can these employees ever be fired? Yes, is the answer from one New Brunswick labor arbitrator in Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 1252 and Vitalité Health Network. Facts A nurse at a hospital in […]

Know the Rules for On-call Workers

By Arthur Silbergeld, Esq. Anyone who works on a computer knows the sinking feeling that comes with hitting that nasty combination of keystrokes causing your machine to freeze. The fact that many companies now keep IT staff available around the clock just to help frantic employees get their misbehaving computers working, retrieve lost documents and […]