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The Apps and Services Replacing HR for Leery Employees

In a previous post, we discussed how Danny Crichton attempts to explain the reasons behind a growing level of distrust in employers and their HR departments. “Just as concerns about sexual harassment and other issues has intensified, trust in human resources, and really, the entire executive teams of companies, is reaching a nadir,” he says.


HR Departments Are Losing Trust—Here’s Why

In theory, a company’s HR department seems to many like a logical resource for employees dealing with stressful situations or ethical dilemmas involving coworkers or superiors; a confidant for employees looking for a neutral, or even supporting, arm of the organization to act as their supporter, advocate, and protector.

Is Your HR Department the Police or a Partner?

Close your eyes and picture your current HR staff. Does your HR department function as a strategic partner or as a police force? Do they spend their time addressing people who aren’t meeting the dreaded dress code, who can’t get along with others, or who are always late? Are they continually pushing to grab the […]