How to Use Market Data to Determine Salary Range

When in doubt about how to set an accurate salary range for a given position, market survey data are crucial. That’s Compensation 101-level stuff. What’s not always so clear, however, is what to do with those data.

Is Your 401(k) Plan Out of Date?

Like an old house that was cutting-edge when it was built but hopelessly archaic today, your 401(k) may have fallen behind the times. Is this true of yours? And, if so, what can you do about it?

Strategies for Smart Salary Surveys

Yesterday, we got some important guidance on job descriptions as they relate to your compensation program, courtesy of John Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services. Today, Rubino’s thoughts on salary surveys: the good, the bad, and the potentially illegal.

Boomers and Xers Look at Short- and Long-Term Pay Differently

Yesterday, we got some insights from Laura Fries, managing director and executive vice president at Baker Tilly, on pay strategies to retain up-and-coming Gen Xers. Today, her thoughts on short-term versus long-term pay for different generations.

Factors to Consider in Calculating Raises

Yesterday, we looked at the wage increases recently announced by behemoths Walmart and McDonald’s®. Today: How to prepare for compensation increases at your own organization.

The Key Elements of a Profit-Sharing Plan

Yesterday, John Rubino of Rubino Consulting Services explained some of the background on profit-sharing plans, the 3 steps to establishing a deferred plan, and 4 of the steps involved in executing it. Today, we present the remaining 5 execution steps.

Checklist for Drafting Executives’ Contracts

Yesterday, we looked at the AESC BlueSteps Executive Compensation Report, which revealed that executive compensation is on the rise. Today, we turn to smart drafting of executives’ contracts.