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Kimberly Nerpouni

Faces of HR: For Kimberly Nerpouni, Connecting Teams and the Employee Experience Leads to Success

Before Kimberly Nerpouni got her start in the HR industry, she worked in the IT industry as an analyst. By 2001, she was working at Macromedia building and managing a 35-person IT and Engineering Support team. During this time, Nerpouni realized developing teams was her passion, not information technology. “I made the leap to human […]

How Technology Can Help Put the “Human” Back in Human Resources

Across industries, the human resources (HR) department has been subject to an array of stereotypes, from the complaint center, to the benefits specialists, to the hiring—or firing—department. Whatever image comes to mind, it is widely accepted that “traditional” HR serves as a place to go for help. Yet, as new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) […]

Best in Breed Is Out, Integration Is In

The “best in breed” approach to HR automation is out, and integration is in, says consultant Mollie Lombardi. Companies look for best practices, but take that with a grain of salt, she warns. Best practice for another company may not be best practice for your company. You have to find the right processes for your […]

Automation—Best of Breed Out, Integration In

Best of Breed Out Most companies started out their transition to HR automation by going “best of breed”; that is, finding the best time tracking system, the best payroll system, and so on, but now that’s not the way to go, says Lombardi. Now employers want integration of all these processes plus integration with business […]

40 Metrics—And Not a One Interesting to Management

There is no single set of metrics that fits all companies, Greene says. You need to step back and find out what management really needs. You’re looking for a few strategic, relevant metrics, he says. Greene is a member of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, office of the law firm Dykema Gossett, and is director of […]