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Employer rules for temporary foreign workers in Canada

by Stéphane Aublet A work permit is generally issued based on a specific job offer made by a particular Canadian employer (or an employer doing business in Canada). As such, the employer commits itself to providing the foreign worker with wages, working conditions, and employment that are similar to the terms set out in the […]

Renewal of Temporary Work Permits: Employers Beware!

By Isabelle Dongier Canadian employers must always ensure that their foreign employees are duly authorized to work in the country and remain so authorized during the complete period of their stay. To do so, employers can renew their employees’ work permits. But beware — these renewals are fraught with delays and technicalities. The following outlines […]

End of the Canada-wide Information Technology Program

By Susan Bradley and Gilda Villaran In November 2009, we started a discussion on the fundamentals of Canadian work permits. Until now, Canadian employers didn’t have to obtain a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Services Canada for certain information technology (IT) professionals. Employers didn’t have to prove that they had advertised the position, that they […]

Key Considerations for a Business Visit to Canada

by Gilda Villaran U.S. companies doing business in Canada often have to send some of their U.S. employees on business trips to Canada. When making arrangements for a trip to Canada, immigration requirements for admission into Canada are certainly not what the U.S. employer thinks about first. On the contrary, at the very last minute, […]