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Managing Incentive Compensation Plan Changes: 5 Steps for Success

by John Ristuccia, vice president, Professional Services, Optymyze An incentive compensation plan, in which salespeople are compensated based on their ability to meet established performance goals, is key to building an engaged sales force aligned with the overall goals of the organization. Done well, these plans are highly effective, in terms of driving positive selling […]

Survey Results: Telecommuting Policies and Dress Codes

[For the beginning of the survey report, go here.] Telecommuting Formal telecommuting guidelines are in place and employees are required to sign a formal agreement for 23.8%. An allowance to cover employee expenses for setting up telecommuting at their home is provided by 33.1%, 40.3% reimburse telecommuting employees for monthly Internet connections, and 54.2% reimburse […]

Perks Survey Results in; How Do You Compare?

Highlights of our 2014 Perks Survey of over 2,000 employers: Paid holidays is the number one perk. Also in the top five: life insurance, LTD, STD, and paid vacation. For exempt employees, flextime is offered by 60.9%. Other benefits being offered include: Financial planning assistance (51.7%) Telecommuting (49.2%) Legal assistance programs (39.8%) On-site fitness centers […]

Incentives End-of-the-Year Checkup

Incentive Compensation Checklist General Questions       Do you have an incentive compensation plan? Yes□  No□ Is it in writing? Yes□  No□ Does your incentive plan support the company’s mission and long-term goals/objectives? Yes□  No□ What levels of the organization will participate in the incentive compensation plan, e.g., top management, salespeople, entire organization? Yes□  […]

What’s New in Incentive Compensation? Let’s Find Out

Incentive comp is certainly on the front burner these days as companies struggle with strapped budgets and weary employees. It’s not getting easier for comp professionals. But what’s happening in the real world? Who’s paying what to whom? Let’s find out. Please participate in this brief survey and we’ll determine just what employers are offering […]

Limiting Incentive Pay for Investment Execs To Quell Public Ire: Good Move?

The scandals were shocking, but at first, they seemed to impact just a few companies. The name Enron became familiar to everyone. The next wave of meltdowns took down some large investment banks, such as Merrill Lynch and Bear Stearns, and more people were affected. The public outcry over how executives at these companies were […]

Travel Incentive Competition Boosts Productivity, Retention

At some companies, worthwhile projects fall by the wayside due to lack of sufficient time and resources. Not so at eni, where teams of employees who successfully complete special projects are rewarded with a companywide, all-expenses-paid trip to an exotic location. How It Works The travel incentive program was implemented more than a decade ago […]

Employees Collectively Lose Nearly 20,000 Pounds in Health Challenge

By challenging employees to achieve a healthy weight or become more physically active, CIGNA raised employees’ awareness of their own health and their company-sponsored benefits. How It Worked Last fall, CIGNA introduced a new incentive for employees to maintain a healthy weight, says Marilyn Paluba, senior consultant with the Healthy Life program—a $15 per pay […]

Incentive Compensation: Customer ExperienceTranslates to Cash for Airline Employees

American Airlines made the decision to keep flying, too. But employees weren’t happy, and customers complained. The airline needed to find a way to solve both problems. Mark Mitchell, managing director of American’s Customer Experience area, takes us back: “In the middle 2000s, maybe 2003 to 2006, as American worked very diligently to take the […]