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Christmas Vacation, free beer, and the FLSA

by Boyd Byers In the holiday classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, family patriarch Clark Griswold is distressed because he has not yet received his Christmas bonus, which he is counting on to cover a check he wrote for a new swimming pool. Finally, on Christmas Eve, a courier arrives with a delivery. As his family […]

Incentive plan entitlements on wrongful dismissal

By Richard E. Johnston In Canada, the wording of incentive plans can have a significant impact on the payments required on termination without cause. This point was highlighted by three Ontario decisions earlier this year.

Smart Compensation Model Design Can Nurture Innovation

Innovation drives productivity and opens up new opportunities. The most innovative companies, from Apple® to Zappos, are also the most successful. But innovation requires flexibility, a willingness to change, and a good tolerance for risk—three things that aren’t always part of compensation management.