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How Diversity Training Impacts White Employees

The United States is an increasingly multicultural and multiracial society—and so is its consumer market. At the same time, American companies are increasingly taking a global approach to thinking about where to sell their products. This means that companies need to think hard about how to appeal to—and not offend—diverse groups. High-profile stories about racially […]


Avoiding the ‘Birds of a Feather’ Syndrome

A diverse and inclusive workplace should be a goal of any organization and not out of a sense of altruism. Diversity and inclusion have real impacts on a company’s bottom line.


Why I Love the Troublemaker

Over the past few years, I’ve poured my heart into diversity and inclusion initiatives at Square Root. We’ve added generous parental leave, supported a local STEM education non-profit that benefits young girls called Girlstart, created sensitivity training, and fostered internal communities. With our efforts came a diverse team. We span generations, education levels, genders, sexual […]


Q&A: What Is the Future of Diversity and Inclusion?

Where does diversity and inclusion (D&I) stand today? Where will it be in the future? The HR Daily Advisor recently sat down with Nancy Saperstone, Senior HR Business Partner and Communications Specialist at OneDigital to discuss this very issue.


Starbucks Diversity Training—Too Much Too Late?

Recently, Starbucks was the subject of some very unwanted publicity after two African-American men were arrested in one of its Philadelphia stores for trespassing following a 911 call made by one of that store’s workers. No charges were ultimately filed, and the two men were released after spending a few hours in police custody.


Addressing Unconscious Bias

There was nationwide outrage in April of this year when two black men were arrested in a Starbucks in Pennsylvania. A Starbucks employee had called the police, claiming that the two men were loitering without paying for anything, and the two men stated that they were waiting for someone else to arrive.


What Your Human Resources Department Leaders Need to Know in 2018

The human resources (HR) industry has certainly gone through a lot of changes over the past decade, with new generations flooding the workforce and advanced technology emerging onto the scene and shaking things up every other week. But even with all the changes HR has seen, there are still only a few changes you’ll want […]

5 Ways to Leverage Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In a couple of previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ve talked about understanding and communicating with diverse markets, discovering new insights, and the importance of diversity and inclusion to your employees. We know it’s important. Now what? Here, we look at five strategies to promote diversity and […]