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CMS Finalizes Health Insurance Marketplace Rules

On December 16, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters final rule and the final Annual Letter to Issuers for 2018. The primary focus of the notice—risk stabilization—complements recent announcements that are meant to improve the risk pool, including actions to address third-party payments of premiums and improve program integrity for […]

Infographic: Survey Reveals Employment and Compensation Satisfaction

A new survey released by American Consumer Credit Counseling (ACCC) shows a correlation between employment status and personal dissatisfaction with respondents’ income. Over 70% of respondents are employed and only 7% of those employed are actively looking for a different job. Of the unemployed respondents, 55% are not currently looking for work. Of the respondents, […]


America’s Most Needed Occupations and What They Pay

Not every job in America is as lavish as the C-suite. Some jobs force workers to get down and dirty, or even put employees lives at risk. These jobs are the backbone of the United States, and as Mike Rowe—of the hit televisions show Dirty Jobs—would say, “Someone has to do it!” In honor of […]

Study Explores Gender Gap in Law Firms

The Social Science Research Network recently completed a study examining the gender gap in partner compensation in America’s law firms. The study, entitled Statistical Evidence on the Gender Gap in Law Firm Partner Compensation, compiled the largest research sample on the gender gap in compensation at the 200 largest law firms (“Am Law 200”) by […]

HOT LIST: New York Times Bestselling Paperback Business Books

The following is a list of the bestselling paperback business books as ranked by the New York Times on May 19. 1. The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell. How and why certain products and ideas become fads. 2. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by […]

New York Times: Paperback Bestseller List

The following is a list of the bestselling paperback business books as ranked by the New York Times on March 17. 1 Fairtax: The Truth, by Neal Boortz and John Linder with Rob Woodall. (Harper) A radio host and a U.S. congressman defend their 2005 plan for abolishing federal income taxes and the I.R.S. 2 […]

Data Points: The Boomers @ 62

• The majority of Baby Boomers who turn 62 in 2008 plan to retire by age 65. • The majority of Baby Boomers who are turning 62 this year have been married only once and have 2.4 children; however, only one in five say their children are living at home with them. • Only 2% […]