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Infographic: 2013 employer holiday pay practices

BLR has released the results of the new 2013 Holiday Practices Survey, which examines employer practices for providing paid holidays and paying nonexempt employees during the 2013 holiday season and provides information on planned paid holidays for 2014. The infographic below highlights survey findings and links to an article by BLR Legal Editor Susan Prince, […]

Impressions at Work: Does Your Desk Do the Talking? (Infographic)

Without knowing it, your desk could be giving a bad impression at work. For example, nearly half of workers said they have been “appalled” (strong word!) by how messy coworkers’ offices are, as shown in a recent infographic by Marketo. The infographic breaks down workspaces into six types: the minimalist, the hoarder, the documentarian, the […]

How Does HR Use Social Media?

HR departments are using social media for a surprising number of tasks, and their use of social media will increase significantly in 2014, according to the recent HR trends survey.

Recruiting Trends and Challenges Infographic

The survey gathered from responses from nearly 500 HR professionals. The infographic below offers insight into recruiting sources, trends in researching candidates on online, including social media, and recruiting challenges HR pros are facing.

2012 Vacation and Sick Leave Policies Infographic

How much vacation time do employees accrue? According to the survey of 807 organizations, most reported that they provide 2 weeks of vacation time to employees in their first year of employment while most employers provide 3 weeks of vacation to those with 5 years of employment. Nearly all employees with 10 or 15 years […]