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Have You Heard of a Returnship?

Employers everywhere are finding that a robust economy and low unemployment means fewer applicants for any given role. It’s often difficult to find a well-qualified employee when a vacancy presents itself. As such, they’re thinking of creative ways to expand the talent pool and find candidates who are a good fit.

Billions Spotlights Boomerang Employee Trend

Even with the seemingly endless amount of TV shows to watch, finding a series to view with one’s significant other can sometimes prove a difficult task for a couple. After watching eight seasons of The Office together, it was challenging for me and my wife to find a show that fell somewhere in between Real Housewives of Orange […]

STEM Careers Sought by the Class of 2021

There’s no time like the present to start recruiting college graduates. While unemployment remains low, the number of applicants for many jobs across the country continues to increase. According to recruiting software and talent acquisition solutions provider, Oleeo, some companies are attracting up to 90,000 college graduate applications across several different program types (intern, co-op, […]


Planning a Conference? Build a Better Break-Out Group

Ever get to a meeting and shudder when you see break-out groups on the agenda? Sure, there are speakers, but then there are huge blocks of time devoted to break-outs.  It’s natural to wonder whether or not these small groups will be of any value.

FLSA Lawsuits Show Steep Learning Curve for Employers Offering Unpaid Internships

Employers using unpaid interns need to be wary as lawsuits challenging the structure of these unpaid jobs continue to crop up. In recent years, several high-profile lawsuits — primarily in the publishing and entertainment industries — have highlighted the exposure employers can face. Plaintiffs generally allege they were doing the work of employees and were […]