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Executive Relocation: Issues to Address with Candidates Before the Move

As our world becomes more complex, dangerous, and in many cases isolated, the prospects of recruiting and then relocating executives have become more challenging. Hiring managers and placement professionals must assure these candidates that steps will be taken to provide a safe work environment for them and their families.

Tips to Navigating the Hiring of Family and Friends

It’s frequent in companies of all sizes—but especially for privately held companies—for owners or managers to hire friends and family. In previous posts, we discussed some reasons for this and also talked about some of the dangers of nepotism in the workplace.

The Dangers of Hiring Friends and Family

Hiring those from within our close personal network—i.e., friends and family—has been a common practice since the earliest days of specialized work. We feel like we can trust people we know, want to give them a means of income, and want to groom someone to take over after we, or other employees, leave the company. But […]

Why We Hire Family and Friends

For centuries, children often followed in the footsteps of their parents when entering the workforce. If your father was a farmer or a blacksmith or a fisherman, that is what you were taught, and that was what you were likely to also do when you came of age. The same holds true to some extent […]

Problems Surrounding Internal Candidate Referrals

In order to fill vacant roles, employers are resorting to new methods to recruit new talent. However, one strategy that has been around for years, is the use of internal referrals. Essentially, existing employees are given a bonus if they refer a candidate who is hired and stays with the company for a set period […]

Pay, Perks, and Job Satisfaction: 5 Tips for Attracting and Retaining Workers

Unemployment is at record lows, and Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce at increasing rates. For companies that are struggling to fill roles, they should look to current employees to make lateral moves to help fill the void. However, companies need to know how to retain workers in order to keep them around.

Should Employees Train Their Replacements?

Do you have a succession plan in place? If not, you may want to consider one, as turnover is a fact of life for any business. Whether due to an employee retiring, leaving for a different opportunity, or being promoted or moved to a different position, businesses frequently need to fill roles due to turnover. Some […]