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You Won’t Believe What Your Next Workplace Robot Will Do!

Your next workplace robot may not sweep the company floor or assume a manufacturing function. Instead, it may be advising the C-suite! That’s right! Your next robot may handle your company’s legal and litigation issues as “Robot, Esq.,” according to an article by Josh Blackman, JD, who specializes in the intersection of law and technology.

Best Defense Against Leave Fraud? Continuous Performance

Continuous Performance Management Is Your Best Potential Defense Always start dealing with the productivity or performance issue, says Eyres. Let the employee bring up the disability. Eyres, who is managing partner of Eyres Law Group, LLP, offered her tips at a recent BLR-sponsored webinar. Consider the following, she says: Employees should not be genuinely surprised […]

Appraisals—Worth Doing Right (Yes, It’s Possible)

In a yesterday’s Advisor, BLR Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, explored why the performance review has become so unpopular. Today, her practical advice on making your performance reviews more meaningful, plus an introduction to a unique guide just for smaller—or even one-person—HR departments. No Surprises, Please One of the most-cited problems with performance appraisals is […]

Dear Performance Appraisal: You’re Fired!

Let’s talk about something we all know and love—performance appraisals. Is there anything that gets HR pros, supervisors, and employees alike more excited than the chance to discuss strengths and achievements, areas for improvement, and goals for the future? In today’s Advisor, BLR Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, outlines challenges of appraisal systems and offers […]

How Do You Establish Effective Metrics for Your Training Program?

“Training is an area that can be difficult to quantify,” Prince says. “However, it may be helpful to look at metrics that target the type of training and what it was intended to accomplish. For instance: Cost of sales training as a percent of total sales; Increase in hours of sales training compared with increases […]

Play or Pay? IRS issues Q&A on ACA

In the case of most employers, these requirements will be simple to implement, Simon says. But in the case of employers that are on the borderline of being covered or on the borderline of providing minimum essential and affordable healthcare coverage, the requirements can become very technical. Some of the questions and answers are presented […]