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Employers Face Decisions for 2010 While Health Care Reform Is Debated

Employers’ HR and benefits teams are facing the question of what to do in response to pending health care reform. Competing health care proposals are being hotly debated by Congress and the White House in Washington, D.C., and by legislators and their constituents around the country. The debate presents the full range of options, from […]

Taxing Health Benefits Could Cause Unintended Consequences

When President Barack Obama’s aides recently showed new openness toward taxing health care benefits to help cover the uninsured, they suggested an area of possible compromise on health reform. The President had opposed taxing the benefits as a candidate. More recently, the mantra of aides has been that although the tax isn’t Obama’s idea, all […]

Less Employee Compensation Going to Wages

The share of employee compensation going to health benefits has risen substantially, while the share for wages has fallen, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, a Menlo Park-headquartered nonprofit health policy organization. Kaiser’s Health Care Costs Snapshot report, “Wages and Benefits: A Long-Term View,” explains that health insurance premiums rose 78 percent between 2001 and […]

E-Alert Item: New Study Finds Premiums Are Skyrocketing

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation reports that during the first five months of 2002, health insurance premiums for employer-sponsored plans rose by 12.7%. This represents the fastest rate of increase since 1990, when rates jumped by 14%. The study showed that employers are bearing the brunt of the recent increases, and that […]