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Interview Process Taking Longer

If it seems like the interview process takes longer than it used to, it’s not your imagination. A new report from job site Glassdoor finds that worldwide, on average, it takes more than a day longer: 23.7 days thus far in 2017, compared to 22.5 days in 2016.

Résumés Not Getting You Noticed? Try a Billboard!

After the recent job recession, all too many people know the struggles of looking for a job. Sending out multiple résumés and making dozens of phone calls can only get you so far. How do you attract the employer of your dream job? Try a billboard!

Do You Use Training to Help Prioritize Employee Engagement?

The question is: “Why do employees disengage, and how can you motivate managers to make employee engagement a priority?” Here is how our training expert responded: In his book, The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave: How to Recognize the Subtler Signs and Act Before It’s Too Late (AMACOM Books, 2005), author Leigh Branham identifies the […]