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Never Say Never, and Never Say These 4 Things

[Go here for killer phrases 1 to 6.] 7. AVOID: “… don’t you think?”  Or, “… isn’t it?” Or “… okay?”  To convey a confident commanding presence, eliminate validation questions. Make your statement or recommendation with certainty and avoid tacking on the unnecessary approval-seeking question.  Don’t say, “This would be a good investment, don’t you […]

Here Comes EEOC 2013—Charges, Investigations, and Claims

Review of Charge Activity, Backlog, and Benefits Provided On November 19, 2012, the EEOC announced the publication of the FY 2012 Performance and Accountability Report. During FY 2012, the Commission again received nearly 100,000 charges, with the past 3 years involving a record number of charges in the Commission’s 47-year history. Since FY 2006, there […]

18 Questions for Comp Managers in 2013

Here are the questions Neelman asks clients to help them complete their planning for 2013. Neelman is a principal and senior consultant with Compensation Resources, Inc. in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Who are your best employees? Which employees truly impact your success? What employees can you least afford to lose? What are your strategies […]

Wage/Hour Litigation Bringing Down the Bottom Line?

[Go here for yesterday’s survey results] What is the amount of annual litigation expense (by company size) in the US? The trend of increased litigation expenditure has resumed. Last year marked the first drop in the percentage of companies spending $1000000 or more on litigation since 2007. This year, the increase resumed with just over […]

FLSA Hot Topics—2013 and Beyond

Panelists included Susan Webman, Of Counsel with FortneyScott in Washington, DC., John Husband, senior partner with Holland & Hart in the firm’s Denver, Colorado office, Linda Walton, attorney with Perkins Coie LLP in Seattle, and panel moderator Charles Plumb, partner with McAfee & Taft in the firm’s Tulsa, Oklahoma office. Hot Topic: Fallout of Christopher […]

The 3 Key Criteria for Choosing Your Payroll Auditor

Lambert, who offers payroll training as “The Payroll Advisor,”says that you can’t give payroll auditing over to just anyone who’s free.  There are three points that are critical for choosing the auditor.  1. Not the Person Who Does the Job First, says Lambert, you want someone other than the one who does the job to […]

Spot Awards—A Detailed Plan You Can Use

Here are the last two of Cherry and Green’s Six types of incentive. [Go here for the first four types.] Cherry and Green are both principals at HR consultant Hay Group. They offered their tips at a recent webinar hosted by BLR and HR Hero. Plan Type Overview Advantages Disadvantages Recognition Cash or non-cash reward […]

Flex Arrangements—Outmoded Laws Are a Chokehold

Fortney is a co-founder of law firm Fortney & Scott, LLC in Washington, DC, and is editor of the Federal Employment Law Insider. He made his remarks about FWAs at SHRM’s Employment Law and Legislative Conference, held recently in the nation’s capitol. What Are Flexible Workplace Arrangements? First, says Fortney, here are the typical alternatives […]

Bonuses? Great, But Legal Pitfalls Abound

Bonuses are an integral part of many companies’ compensation packages because they: Are an expression of goodwill from employer to employee. Exemplify a personal touch and may evoke loyalty and dedication. Allow organizations to manage pay for performance Can be used as an incentive to retain top performers or to attract new employees Allow the […]

Backburner Job Descriptions? Don’t Even Think About It

The California Employment Law Letter (CELL). is written by Mark I. Schickman, and Cathleen S. Yonahara, both attorneys at the law firm of Freeland Cooper & Foreman LLP in San Francisco. Defining Essential Job Functions Most employers use some form of job description, but many are cumbersome documents that have little practical value because they’re […]