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Pay Equity Laws 101

Providing equal pay for equal work to employees has been an ongoing concern for decades. Employers need to be particularly wary on this point because not only is pay discrimination illegal but also, it’s something that is subject to increased scrutiny right now, both in the media and by regulatory enforcement bodies like the Equal […]

Sexual Orientation

Is Sexual Orientation Protected by Federal Law?

The U.S. 1st Circuit Court of Appeals—which covers Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island—recently upheld a six-figure jury award for a firefighter’s “sex-plus” discrimination claim, ruling that federal antidiscrimination law extends protections to gay and lesbian workers in cases where they claim discrimination based on both their gender and sexual orientation.

ban the box

Ban the Box Now: More the Rule than Exception when Screening

Ban the box laws that remove the box on applications that job applicants are asked to check if they have a criminal record are now more the rule than the exception for Human Resources professionals when screening applicants. As of March 2018, 30 states and more than 150 cities and counties have ban the box […]

minimum wage

Can Local Governments Set Higher Minimum Wage Than the State?

Throughout the country, much has been made of varied initiatives to increase the minimum wage from its current level under federal law to higher levels. Many commentators frequently propose $15 an hour as the new minimum wage, and some municipalities throughout the country have enacted local ordinances to push their minimum wage higher than the federal […]


Does That Law Apply to Me? Sick Leave Laws Raise Questions for Out-of-State Employers

Maryland is now the ninth state to have enacted a paid sick leave law. Effective February 11, 2018, the Healthy Working Families Act became law as the result of a veto override, which understandably means there are still a few details related to the law’s enforcement and implementation to be ironed out. In fact, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan promptly created, by Executive Order, a Small Business Regulatory Assistance office to smooth the transition and help Maryland employers comply with the new law.

Fearing State Employee Liability, Delaware Douses Medical Marijuana Law

by Molly DiBianca and Michael P. Stafford Delaware’s medical marijuana program has been extinguished. According to the Delaware News Journal, Governor Jack Markell “has suspended the regulation-writing and licensing process for medical marijuana dispensaries — effectively killing the program.” The decision comes in response to a letter from U.S. Attorney Charles M. Oberly III. The […]

California Public-Sector Employers Facing Challenging New Laws

Public-sector employers in California are facing an array of challenges in 2012 — declining revenues, out-of-control costs, fading reserves, and “a slew of bills further hobbling public agencies’ ability to control costs,” according to Jonathan Holtzman, a partner with Renne Sloan Holtzman Sakai LLP in San Francisco. Here’s a look at some new laws affecting […]

National Employment Law Trends

Last year is ended on a high note, at least in terms of one economic indicator: the nation’s unemployment rate fell to 8.5 percent in December. Despite that good news, many states are still experiencing record unemployment; this rampant unemployment was the number one issue addressed by state legislatures this past year. Here is a […]

Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds Church Firing of Teacher/Minister

In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a church’s right under the First Amendment to fire an employee who was a minister despite federal antidiscrimination laws. The case, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, marks the first time the Supreme Court has recognized the First Amendment-based ministerial […]