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3-Step Analysis for Deciding if Reason for Striking Potential Jurors is Discriminatory

A recent decision by the Florida 5th District Court of Appeals (DCA) dealt with one of the many variables that can determine the outcome of an employee’s lawsuit against your company: jury selection. In Florida civil cases, a large pool of potential jurors is called to jury duty. On the morning of the trial, members […]


Ring Confirmation Provides Republican Majority on NLRB

Now that the U.S. Senate has confirmed attorney John Ring for a seat on the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), employers can expect the NLRB to continue trying to roll back some controversial rulings from the Obama-era Board—and ward off possible conflict-of-interest problems.

12 Tips to Lower Legal Bills, Assist Lawyer in Employment Disputes

Unemployment is high, and employment litigation is increasing. We’re seeing more wrongful discharge, discrimination, and wage cases than ever. What will you do if your business is served with a lawsuit or discrimination charge by a current or former employee? We have some suggestions that can help keep your legal bills reasonable and assist your […]

What to Do When Government Officials Unexpectedly Show Up

by James P. Gillece, Jr. As an employer, you may have already experienced the discomfort of having the “Men in Black” — i.e., agents or investigators from a government agency — appear on your doorstep. With increased enforcement efforts by various federal and state agencies, the likelihood that you’ll be visited by regulators isn’t an […]