Strategies for Becoming a Better Listener

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of listening as a core leadership skill. In short, we wrote, leaders need to learn to listen more and speak less.


8 Design Elements for Top-Notch Mobile Learning Apps

App-based mobile learning will be one of 2019’s most lucrative mobile learning trends, contributing substantially to the industry’s projected growth and worth of $70 billion. However, not all mobile learning apps will prove lucrative if they aren’t designed and developed with the user in mind.


Debunked: 4 Excuses for Not Offering Employees L&D Programs

Executives and working professionals outside of the learning and development (L&D) industry may not always fully understand the importance and impact of L&D, and it’s not unusual for L&D professionals to hear excuses about why these programs aren’t necessary or can’t be executed, especially from executive leadership teams.


3 Important Facts About Smart Learning Environments

Smart learning environments are set to become the future of modern-day workplaces—and sooner than you think. These environments will become even more important to explore as you prepare your employees for the fourth industrial revolution.


Are Workers in Control of Their Own Training? Should They Be?

With the gaining popularity of self-service learning, learning tools driven by artificial intelligence (AI), mobile learning, and learning as a service (LaaS), many learning and development (L&D) professionals are probably starting to wonder whether workers should be in control of their own training or if they already are in control of their own training. The […]


Promoting a Culture of Experimentation and Learning

In several previous posts, we discussed the concept of embracing failure. Failure is a normal part of life and shouldn’t necessarily be treated as an existential catastrophe, but it’s important to learn from it to avoid making the same mistakes.


New Manual Offers International Business Etiquette Tips

In a globally connected world, those who wish to be truly successful need to demonstrate their ability to engage with suppliers, customers, business partners, and even coworkers from around the globe.


3 Categories of Predictable Business Failures

We all fail from time to time, but what sets some organizations and individuals apart is how they respond to and learn from those failures.


Can Creativity Be Taught?

In an effort to understand the top skills companies are looking for in prospective candidates this year, LinkedIn conducted a massive analysis of hundreds of thousands of job posts. As it turns out, employers are looking far beyond soft and technical skills when searching for new talent.