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Responding to Public Criticism

Being a leader in any field is a double-edged sword. Leaders are idolized when they succeed but ridiculed, criticized, and lambasted when they fall short. Having thick skin and a short memory is often key to maintaining one’s mental health in the hot seat, but simply withstanding criticism isn’t usually enough for business leaders; they […]

Mastering the HR Pivot During an Economic Slowdown

Over the last several years, HR teams spent a lot of time battling over talent. Work-from-home trends expanded the marketplace of potential employers for many workers, helping to drive a Great Resignation that stressed HR’s ability to attract the talent their organizations needed to operate effectively. And don’t forget that even the company faithful were […]

Finding the Meaning in Work: What’s Your Advantage?

A recurring theme candidates and employees share with me is that they like contributing to and being part of an organization that helps people and contributes to society in a meaningful way. They want the mission of our organization to resonate with them personally and professionally as a career they can be proud of rather […]

Building a Culture of Positive Self-Care

So much of our lives today are consumed by our jobs. Even when we leave the office, we can still carry the stress of our workday home with us. And over time, this anxiety and stress can start severely impacting our mental and physical well-being, both in our personal lives and at the office. This […]

Getting the Most from eLearning for State and Local Governments

eLearning is more widely used than ever, and getting it right is mission critical for government organizations ranging from federal agencies to states, counties, and cities. There are two pillars of successful eLearning initiatives in government: security and effectiveness. Federal departments and agencies, particularly those in high-consequence domains like our armed services, have extremely high […]

Training Budgets Remain Largely Flat in 2022, But Allocations Shift

With growing wage pressure, historic inflation, and recession fears on the rise heading into 2023, one might expect training and development budgets to be on the chopping block for many organizations, as they have so often been in the past when money got tight. Fortunately, recent data suggests that annual U.S. training expenditures per employee […]

Why the UGC Training Content Cavalry Aren’t Coming to Save Us

As learning and development (L&D) professionals, we started last year full of optimism about the end of COVID and return to office. How should we be orienting ourselves this time as we return from the holidays? We can be fairly sure that what we offer will remain in strong demand. L&D remains a cornerstone of […]

The Power of an Inclusive Coaching Culture

Coaching can be instrumental in improving employee performance and retention. But how can a company foster a positive, inclusive coaching culture? Preeti D’mello, Global Head of Diversity and LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services, weighs in with her insights as both an expert in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and a gestalt coach. Courageous. Determined. […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro Navigates the Muddy Waters of HR to Create Positive Possibilities

Although Cassandra Margolin has worked in the HR industry for nearly a decade, she didn’t find her true passion for the field until five years ago. At the time, she was working for high growth, quickly scaling, start-up tech companies. According to Margolin, her growth was slow and steady until she segued into the tech […]