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How to Make Continuous Learning Work

Due to rapid advancements in technology across industries and business sectors, experts believe that around 375 million workers worldwide will have to seek new employment and switch occupations altogether by 2030 … unless employers decide to revamp their training programs and implement continuous learning across their organizations.


6 Tips for Effective Blended Learning

Yesterday’s post explained why blended learning is on the rise in the modern-day workplace. Today’s post offers six tips and best practices for effectively implementing blended learning strategies and courses.


When Group-Based Training Is Beneficial and When It’s Not

In the modern workplace, you’ve been hearing a lot about personalized learning and adaptive learning and how important it is to tailor training materials to each individual learner. So, where and how does group-based training fit into the mix? When is it beneficial, and when does it not wind up doing much good? Keep reading […]