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How to Implement Mobile Learning Across Your Organization (Part 1)

According to research gathered by Ambient Insight, the U.S. mobile learning market will reach $2.1 billion next year, and global mobile learning revenues will reach $14.5 billion. And this will most likely be due to the number of people joining the mobile workforce, which is expected to double or even triple in size in 2018 […]

How to Use AI to Drive a Great Experience for Your Learners (Part 1)

Implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about much more than finding a better and more efficient way to deliver the most relevant learning content to your learners at all times. If implemented properly, AI should also deliver engaging and lasting learning experiences for your learners that will keep them more engaged and productive at work.

Social Learning May Soon Outperform On-Demand Remote Learning

Over a quarter of the American workforce works remotely at least some of the time. And around half of individuals in the American workforce have a job that is compatible with remote work, while between 80% and 90% claim they would like to work remotely at least part-time.1 To adapt to this upward trend in […]

How Does Adaptive Learning Work Inside an LMS?

While instructor-led and in-classroom training sessions are still more common than online learning methods, they have dropped from 47% to 41% in the past 3 years. And this downward trend is expected to continue because of the rising popularity of adaptive learning.1 L&D development professionals are now actively seeking ways to incorporate adaptive learning into […]