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10 Sins of Termination (#1 Time to Prevent Lawsuits)

Terminations are no picnic for anyone, but since they are the genesis of many lawsuits, it’s worth learning how to do them right. Handling them carefully can save cash, calm frayed nerves, and maintain morale and productivity. (As long as you don’t commit one of these 10 sins.)

Myers Briggs—The Psychological Scales

By Jilaine Parkes, president and founder of Sprigg Talent Management Systems Did you know that the fundamentals of how we think are usually fixed by the time we are 3 or 4 years old although the brain continues to allow some plasticity until puberty?!


Succession Planning—Love Them or Lose Them

Succession planning is vital to ensuring that key roles stay filled with qualified, talented individuals. This is especially of importance for roles deemed critical to the success of the organization. If a key role becomes vacant without a plan to fill it, this gap can negatively impact an organization’s bottom line. If this happens too […]

Heads They Win … Tails You Lose (Mitigating Measures)

In yesterday’s Advisor, Attorney Patricia Eyres briefed us on accommodating depression. Today, her take on mitigating measures—a lose/lose proposition for the employers—and we introduce the new leadership training system from TrainingToday®. What’s a Mitigating Measure? According to the Job Accommodation Network, a mitigating measure is a treatment, therapy, or device that eliminates or reduces the […]

Lifelong Learning: It’s Part of Your Job Description

By Rubens Pessanha Filho, PMP, GPHR, HRMP By adopting a learning mindset and cultivating a passion for knowledge, HR professionals can turn learning into play on the path to continued development, according to Rubens Pessanha Filho, PMP, GPHR, HRMP. In this guest post reprinted with permission of the HR Certification Institute, Filho discusses continued development […]

Exempt employees in California: The professional exemption

Exempt employees in California must meet specific requirements. First, they must be paid on a salary basis, and the pay must be at least twice the California minimum wage. In addition to meeting the salary requirements, each type of exemption has its own job duty requirements that must be met for an employee to qualify. […]

Assessing the indirect costs of employee turnover

It’s no surprise that employee turnover involves a huge cost to any organization. But what is frightening is that the number may even be underestimated. Organizations routinely fail to include the “soft” costs of employees. Things like the value of relationships and the level of productivity compared to other employees could push the cost of […]

12 steps to implementing an effective job rotation program

Have you been considering implementing a job rotation program but don’t know how to get started? Job rotation programs can be a great way to reduce the cost of turnover and improve customer loyalty. Having a good plan in place is a good place to start. In a recent CER webinar titled “Job Rotation Programs: […]