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Age Bias Becoming Battleground Issue for Employers

Earlier this month, a statewide class-action lawsuit was filed in a Northern California federal court, alleging that Minnesota-based giant 3M systematically discriminates against older employees. The lawsuit follows a similar case already pending in 3M’s home state.

Hiring: Should We Accept Video Resumes?

In our hiring training, we’ve told our managers to avoid information that is not job related, especially when it has to do with protected characteristics. But we still get a lot of details we shouldn’t know about in other ways. Some applicants send pictures with their e-mailed resumes and others send video resumes. What do […]

Legislation Special Report: Empoyee Complaints And Lawsuits

Employee Enforcement of Labor Code Under SB 796, which has been dubbed the “bounty-hunter law,” employees may file private lawsuits against their employers, on behalf of themselves and other employees, for labor code violations when the responsible state agency doesn’t pursue the violations. The law provides employees with various financial incentives to file suit, as […]