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3 Ways Problems Arise With Employee Leave Tracking

Why is employee leave tracking so difficult? FMLA rules “are fairly complicated and they can be confusing. It’s hard sometimes to clarify what you have to do, versus those areas where you have some flexibility.” Kristi McKinzey explained in a recent BLR webinar. One way employers can begin to better understand the rules is to […]

Finally: Practical, Workable, Automated Leave Tracking

And, of course, each type of leave has its own set of eligibility, entitlement, notice, documentation, and tracking requirements, and oftentimes the requirements overlap. To help our readers cope with this thicket of leave laws, BLR—after evaluating a number of leave management systems—is proud to announce that we have established a partnership with Presagia to […]

FMLA Leave Tracking: When Can HR Retroactively Designate FMLA?

When it comes to FMLA leave tracking, how far back can an employer go before the official FMLA designation? There are several scenarios where it can easily occur that an employee has taken qualifying leave that has not been designated as FMLA leave. Some of these scenarios have simple answers, but others aren’t so simple. […]

Who’s Using HRIS? Whose Are They Using? Survey Says …

In June 2012, BLR’s HRIS expert, Holly Jones, surveyed BLR customers on their HRIS use. An audio conference download was offered as premium for survey completion. Just under 600 HR Daily Advisor and HR Hero Line readers responded. According to Jones, important findings included: About half of respondents use an HRIS system and about half […]