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A Founder’s Experience with a 4-Day Work Week

While there has been considerable grassroots support for the concept of a 4-day workweek, employers—those with the ability to make such proposals a reality—haven’t been quite as energized by the idea. After all, the current labor market, particularly in the United States, has made it difficult for many employers to find workers. But some business […]


Rethinking Work/Life Balance

For many workers, particularly those spending most of their time in an office, the line between work hours and personal hours started to blur significantly with technological advances like e-mail, cell phones, and smartphones. These tools largely eliminated the need for staff to be in the office for their teams or bosses to reach them, […]


5 Ways to Stagger Schedules, Work with Distributed Teams, and Optimize Employee Health in the Long-Term Normal

The challenges facing today’s companies are expansive and all-encompassing. Some, like the profound economic disruptions that accompany a closed economy, mostly fall outside of an organization’s control. However, others, like adjusting to new workplace norms, are contingent on a company’s careful planning and thoughtful implementation.


Leadership Is Tough These Days; Do it Anyway!

It is indeed a great honor to have joined such a respected organization as BLR® and be invited to write this weekly column. I am also very proud of the world-class leadership development workshops and coaching programs that Bluepoint Leadership brings to this partnership.

Should You Allow Employees to Sleep on the Job?

Not everyone gets a good night’s rest. From home obligations to stress, there are seemingly hundreds of reasons why your employees may not be getting the necessary shut-eye each night. Almost all of us have felt the urge to take a quick refreshing nap during the day, and many sleep experts agree that it can […]

Are Your Interviews Safe from Age Discrimination?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we took at look at some ways to avoid age discrimination in job posts and in the job application. Now let’s continue by looking at ways to avoid age discrimination during the interview.

Working late at the office

What message are you sending about what is important?

Two of my colleagues forwarded me a recent New York Times article about the temptation of managers to reward employees who work long hours instead of those who produce results. Maybe they were trying to send me a not-so-subtle message! The article cited a study published in 2010 in which researchers found that employees who […]