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Employees Dealing with COVID-Related Stress? Employers Can Help

Even the most emotionally healthy people have no doubt felt anxious over the last several months as the world has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. But for those who deal with disabling anxiety and depression, the load is even harder to bear. That’s why employers need to look at the tools they have at their […]

Insuring long-term disability insurance

by Richard E. Johnston In Canada, benefit plans are subject to legislation related to income tax, human rights, and employment standards. However, there is little specific regulation of benefit plans other than pension plans. A key exception is the provision of long-term disability benefits that are not funded under an insurance contract—at least for federally […]

Indefinite protection for federal employee disabled by work-related injury

by Nicola Sutton When the employment relationship becomes impossible to perform because of a factor outside the control of a Canadian employer or employee, the employee’s employment can be terminated by virtue of frustration of contract. When an employee won’t be able to return to work because of injury or illness, the same applies. But […]

Terminating Long-Absent Employees: ‘Frustration’ Isn’t Just a Legal Term

By Gulu Punia and Kyla Stott-Jess When an employee is absent because of long-term disability, employers naturally wonder how long they must wait before the employment contract has been “frustrated.” If it has, the employment contract can be terminated. According to the recent Ontario decision of Naccarato v. Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd., however, the question […]

Managing LTD Claims: Less Pain, More Gain

By Suzanne Porteous and Wendy Wang The bad news is that one of your employees has just commenced a long-term disability (LTD) leave. You may well have concerns like: (1) Will the employee ever return to work? (2) If so, when? (3) What accommodations would be needed to allow a return to work? (4) What […]