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Accommodating Employees: Employer Agrees To Settle Suit By Hearing-Impaired Employee

A hearing-impaired worker in Los Angeles who requested a sign language interpreter for meetings–and instead was allegedly told by her supervisors to read lips and try harder–will receive $100,000 to settle her claim that her employer failed to accommodate her under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In a confidential settlement, the government employer also agreed […]

News Notes: Harassment Complaint Used As A Pretext To Terminate Employee May Cost Employer $3.4 Million

Loren Peterson, the former president of financial printer Bowne of Los Angeles, was fired after allegedly admitting he violated the company’s sexual harassment policy. The incident involved comments he was accused of making while dancing with secretary Maria Gonzales on a company-sponsored trip to Club Med. But Peterson charged that the company used this as […]

Race Harassment: Offensive Radio Promotion Costs Disney $2 Million

Walt Disney Co. will pay $2 million to settle a race discrimination lawsuit brought by a former employee of KLOS-FM, a Disney-owned radio station in Los Angeles. The suit followed a radio promotion in which “Black Hoes”—black, plastic gardening tools—were given away as gag prizes. Judy Goodwin, a former African-American employee, claimed she suffered daily […]

Personnel Records: Police Officers Can’t Sue Even If Personnel Files Illegally Disclosed

A former Los Angeles police officer sued the city for improperly disclosing his personnel files in the course of a lawsuit accusing him of sexual misconduct with an underage police Explorer Scout. The court ruled that even if Los Angeles failed to follow the strict laws limiting disclosure of police personnel files, the officer had […]

Outside Sales Employees: Bottled Water Distributor To Pay $4 Million To Settle Overtime Claims

In a confidential settlement, a Los Angeles bottled water distributor agreed to resolve a class action lawsuit by paying $4 million to workers who said they were not paid overtime because they were improperly designated as exempt outside sales employees. The workers claimed they were actually delivery drivers, despite their job title of “route sales […]

News Flash: Los Angeles Ordered To Pay $1 Million To Syrian-Born Worker

A Los Angeles jury recently awarded $1 million to Mustafa Rez, a waste management engineer for the city of Los Angeles who charged that he was discriminated against and harassed based on his national origin and Muslim religion. Rez claimed that after nine years of positive reviews, his problems started when he submitted a proposal […]

Retaliation Claims: Employee Wins $174,000 After Getting Fired For Going AWOL To Attend Co-Worker’s Unemployment Hearing; 3 Strategies To Prevent Lawsuits

Juan Manuel Reyes, a sewing machine operator for Los Angeles sport jacket manufacturer J.H. Design Group, left work for two hours to testify on behalf of a former co-worker at an unemployment hearing. Reyes said that he took off during a morning break and didn’t punch out or notify a supervisor for fear of retribution. […]

News Flash: Jury Awards Nestle Manager Over $5 Million In Age Bias Case

A jury in Los Angeles awarded $5.16 million to a former financial manager for Nestle who claimed the company denied him promotions that went to junior employees. The manager was in his mid-40s. He complained to the human resources department and a senior executive but never got a satisfactory response about whether his age was […]

News Flash: Court Says Final Paycheck Rules Can’t Be Changed By Agreement; Employer Hit With Fines For Violations

David Balcorta complained that Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation in Los Angeles violated the California Labor Code on 11 occasions by not paying him promptly after his discharge from short-term jobs with the studio. Fox contended that it had paid Balcorta according to the terms of its collective bargaining agreement. But the Ninth Circuit Court […]