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News Flash: New Bill Could Give Telecommuters Tax Credits

Legislation just introduced in the California Senate would create a pilot program offering tax credits linked to flexible work schedules. Employers in Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, Marin, Orange, San Francisco, San Mateo, SantaClara and Sonoma counties would be eligible for a $500 income tax credit for every employee placed on an alternative work schedule. […]

Sex Discrimination: Employer To Pay High Price For Glass Ceiling

In recent years, government agencies and female employees alike have increasingly focused on shattering the corporate glass ceiling. Now, a new California Court of Appeal decision demonstrates that failing to review your promotion practices before a gender-bias complaint surfaces can be an expensive mistake.

News Notes: Poor Performance Review Leads to $517,000 Age Discrimination Verdict

A 56-year-old facilities coordinator who claimed her performance review was downgraded to justify her termination has been awarded $517,077 in damages. Dion Woodward sued Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Los Angeles for age discrimination after she was fired and allegedly replaced with a 38-year-old. Woodward worked for Kaiser for 31 years and claimed she always received […]

Defamation Claims: Employer Dodges Lawsuit By Employee Wrongfully Accused Of Theft; 3 Defensive Strategies

Whenever you discipline or terminate an employee for misconduct, you open yourself up to the possibility of a defamation lawsuit if you say something negative about the person to other employees. But as a recent case shows, exercising caution in internal discussions about a worker’s wrongdoing can help keep you out of trouble, or provide […]

News Notes: Worker Who Lost Pregnancy Bias Suit Ordered To Pay Employer’s Attorney’s Fees

A trial judge has turned the tables on a lawyer who failed to convince a jury that the law firm in which she was a partner had refused to accommodate her pregnancy. Finding that Shari Cohen Rosenman’s lawsuit was unreasonable, the court ordered her to pay $231,000 toward the attorney’s fees and costs of the […]