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How Does Adaptive Learning Work Inside an LMS?

While instructor-led and in-classroom training sessions are still more common than online learning methods, they have dropped from 47% to 41% in the past 3 years. And this downward trend is expected to continue because of the rising popularity of adaptive learning.1 L&D development professionals are now actively seeking ways to incorporate adaptive learning into […]

How to Optimize Your LMS for Content Curation

According to a recent Learning Café survey, 81% of L&D professionals claim that content curation is now a part of their learning strategy. It’s all about the sheer quantity of content available across the Web. If you want your L&D strategy to remain effective and competitive in the years to come, it’s time to optimize […]

Does Your LMS Need an LRS?

LMSs (learning management systems) are great at distributing different types of learning content to learners, but they’re not so great at storing learning content and making sense of it for you. That’s what an LRS (learning record store) does—it stores, records, tracks, and makes sense of the learning content your LMS distributes. Modern LMSs are […]