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Workplace Bullying—Addressing the Problem

by Norbert “Bert” Alicea Yesterday’s Advisor presented tips from Norbert “Bert” Alicea, MA, CEAP, on identifying and understanding the impact of bullying in the workplace. Today, Alicea provides tips for employers on how to address this costly issue.

Putting a Stop to Workplace Bullying

by Norbert “Bert” Alicea Workplace bullying is bad for morale, bad for retention, and bad for the bottom line. Today we present an article by Norbert “Bert” Alicea, MA, CEAP, vice president of EAP+Work/Life Services for Health Advocate, on identifying the problem and understanding its impact.

Ban the Box Laws: Are You Affected?

‘Ban-the-box’ laws are laws that say you cannot have a question on your application that asks ‘do you have a criminal conviction?’ Typically, applications will ask for an explanation or description if the answer was yes. This forces immediate disclosure.

Has Your Company Considered Youth Mentoring?

Many companies across America and internationally have embraced the concept of engaging in youth mentoring programs. Larger companies include Eli Lilly, Allstate Insurance Company with its extensive Helping Hands project, and General Electric Corporation. Much smaller companies such as Webster Bank with branches in CT, RI and MA are involved in releasing employees to serve […]

The 5 Key Comp Trends for 2011

Wudyka, who is founder and managing principal of Westminster Associates, a Wrentham, MA based, full-service HR and compensation consultancy, forecast the following trends at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR. 1. Fewer Salary Freezes The number of employers freezing salaries continues to decline: 32 percent froze salaries in 2009. 12 percent did so in 2010. […]