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As Company and Technology Evolve, So Does Corporate University

From training on core values to professional certifications to leadership development opportunities, Aquilent’s corporate university strives to support employees’ career advancement and, in turn, deliver “enhanced value” to customers.

Be Prepared for The Worst Case Scenario – Workplace Violence

With workplace violence attacks becoming more prevalent in the US, organizations need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. Attacks in the workplace average three deaths and up to 12 injuries per attack, and lawsuits average $500,000 with jury awards averaging $3 million. Worse yet, the loss of friends and colleagues in the workplace is devastating…and […]

’Tis the Season to Give Gifts … But Not That Gift!

The holidays are quickly approaching. Are you prepared? If so, did you remember to include your supervisor and other coworkers when purchasing gifts? In a recent survey from staffing firm Accountemps, the majority of Human Resources (HR) managers said it is acceptable for employees and managers to exchange presents in the office.

Communicating with Your Team is Priority One

As a manager, you receive considerable information about what is happening at your company and use that information to get your job done. But what about your staff? Do they have the information they need to be successful at their jobs?

9 HR Tactics for Less Workplace Complexity

by Lisa Bodell, CEO of futurethink A recent Boston Consulting Group survey of global organizations found that procedures, vertical layers, interface structures, coordination bodies, and approvals have increased by as much as 350 percent in the past 15 years. To battle workplace complexity, HR can’t afford to view simplification as a one-off project: it must become […]

Overtime Regulations Q&A: Can We Switch Less Experienced Managers to Hourly?

Question: All of our restaurant and kitchen managers are paid a salaried wage (based on experience), and have similar job requirements. With the new  overtime regulations (FLSA exemption requirements) headed our way in December, we are going to switch our newer, less experienced (lower paid) managers to hourly management. Can their job descriptions remain the […]

Infographic: How Do SMBs Evaluate their Current Payroll Systems?

Even though most payroll administrators at small and medium businesses (SMBs) indicate they are satisfied with their current provider, nearly 40% of those same managers say they are likely to switch payroll solutions within the next 12 months, according to a recent survey by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews site. Although 85% of […]

This Is the Truth About the Gender Engagement Gap

There’s been a lot of discussion lately around the persistent gender pay gap and what it says about today’s workplace. And while it is necessary to have an open conversation about this issue, there is another significant gap between men and women at work: the employee engagement gap.