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Quebec Court of Appeal: People (not workplace policies) harass people

by Alexis Charpentier Workplace harassment is a complicated and evolving area of the law. The lines between an employer’s right to manage its employees and harassment are often blurred. Fortunately, the Court of Appeal of Québec has provided some clarity in a recent decision in Syndicat des travailleurs de l’aluminium d’Alma, local 9490 (Syndicat des […]


Employee privacy in the accommodation process

By Keri Bennett We all know employees across Canada have an obligation to participate in the accommodation process. That extends to providing proper medical documentation. If an employee fails to provide such documentation, surely he or she could be disciplined. Not necessarily. Notwithstanding the employee’s obligation to participate in the accommodation process, an Ontario arbitrator […]


Objective medical proof not necessary for accommodation duties to arise

By Marc Rodrigue Under human rights legislation across the country, Canadian employers have a general duty to accommodate employees who are unable to perform their work for a period of time because of illness or disability to the point of undue hardship. This may require an employer to grant an employee a leave of absence […]