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Switching gears: Shifting to reverse can rev up workplace mentoring

Researchers report that the millennial generation now makes up the largest share of the U.S. workforce. To be sure, the baby boomer and Generation X contingents remain strong, but the sheer number of younger workers makes them a force to be reckoned with. Longtime workers may think their young colleagues have a lot to learn, […]

Why can’t we all be Googley?

by Vanessa L. Goddard What makes a business a good place to work? Those of you who do not unwind by watching YouTube or reading Wikipedia entries may be surprised to learn a little about Google as an employer. Remarkably, Google has unlimited sick leave—an unheard of, mind-boggling concept. Google has legal aid (ahem). The […]

Do you want bosses or leaders? Getting the most from managers

Bosses come in various forms. Some rule with an iron hand, others take instructions from on high and then make sure the orders are carried out by underlings, and others truly inspire everyone on their team. It’s not surprising that an inspiring manager is likely the most effective, but it’s up to the HR department […]

National Mentoring Month: mentoring benefits company, employee, and community

HR professionals know that mentoring programs that pair an experienced colleague with a new employee can benefit a company by creating bonds, fostering knowledge sharing, and building confidence. Similarly, mentoring programs that pair adults with adolescents  create a unique supportive relationship that allows the mentor to offer guidance gained through years of experience.  January is […]

How to Match Millenials with Mentors: Part 2

Last month, Allison Duke discussed the unique aspects of the Millennial workforce and the benefits of having a traditional mentoring program for these workers. Since Millenials aren’t traditional workers, this month, she explores other ways of structuring your mentoring program, starting with . . . Reverse Mentoring With reverse mentoring, Millennials are matched with executives […]

How to Match Millennials with Mentors: Part 1

By Allison Burgess Duke As a college professor, I am asked constantly how to deal with the work ethic (or lack thereof) and the entitled attitudes of Millennials, the newest generation entering the workplace. According to the Pew Research Center, Millennials are those individuals born after 1980 ― the first generation to come of age […]