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Step-by-Step: How to Design an Effective Mentorship Program

Per studies highlighted by Investopedia, 71% of Fortune 500 companies have some type of corporate mentorship program. And 75% of executives from those Fortune 500 companies recognize their mentors with helping them reach their current positions. If you want to design an effective mentorship program, here are seven steps you’ll want to take.

Have You Heard of a Returnship?

Employers everywhere are finding that a robust economy and low unemployment means fewer applicants for any given role. It’s often difficult to find a well-qualified employee when a vacancy presents itself. As such, they’re thinking of creative ways to expand the talent pool and find candidates who are a good fit.


Restaurant Industry Trends: What Does It Take to Attract Gen Z?

With job openings in restaurants at a record high, and millions of Gen Zers slated to enter the U.S. workforce, a new study was conducted to explore the relationship between younger generations and the restaurant industry, in order to see if and where the desires of these younger generations overlap with what the industry has […]