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English-Only Rules: Employer Ordered To Pay Over $700,000 To Telephone Operators Hired—And Fired—For Speaking Spanish; Creating Language Policies That Work

A record damage award levied against a telephone company that tried to prevent operators from speaking Spanish to each other in the workplace underscores the risks of enforcing English-only policies. Faced with this increasingly common type of bias case, a federal court has concluded that the language restriction amounted to illegal discrimination based on national […]

Administering Family Leave: Court Looks At When You Can Get A Second Medical Opinion; A Step-By-Step Guide

An employee who requests family leave for a serious illness can be asked to submit medical verification of the need for the leave. But what if you don’t believe the person is medically entitled to the leave? Can youseek a second opinion? A new ruling from a federal appeals courtconfirms that you have the right […]