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5 Tips to Get a Résumé through Applicant Tracking Systems

Between online job boards and mobile apps, applying for jobs can be done with the click of a button. But a simplified and streamlined application process could increase the likelihood that quality résumés will be missed if they do not include the correct search terms.

Give Your Employees Ongoing Learning Opportunities

JJiffy Lube® International uses Web-based courses, coaching, instructor-led courses, and computer-based simulation to provide ongoing learning opportunities for employees at its franchises across the country. Web-based training courses are offered through Jiffy Lube University (JLU) for employees completing orientation and the certification process in 10 different areas, says Kenneth Barber, manager of learning and development […]

Should You Shift to Electronic Recordkeeping? (Hint: You Already Have)

  E-mail Spreadsheets Website E-documents Presentations Voice mail Payroll And just look at what else is potentially keeping an electronic record: Telephone extension detail Computer/network system log-on, log-off times Scantron® security system details Outlook calendars, notes, to-do lists Private files/journals Papers E-mail Microsoft® Word WordPerfect® Excel® PowerPoint® .pdf files Voice Mail Video clips Photographs .wav […]