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Train ’em up

If you’re a poor soul who’s followed enough of my posts to spot patterns, you’ll spot one here. Maybe I’m a broken record, maybe I’m simple-minded, or maybe I really like baseball.  Baseball speaks to me. The U.S. is still a blip in the long course of human history. We cobbled together our identity from […]

You can’t lead if others aren’t willing to follow

by Dan Oswald What makes a great leader? That question has spurned endless debate and discussion for centuries. In business, we strive to identify those with strong leadership skills and put them in positions where they can lead others. I was a having a conversation about leadership with a business colleague the other day. At […]

Do your employees have the right type of motivation?

by Dan Oswald A colleague shared with me an article published recently in the New York Times Sunday Review. In addition to the fact that the article had been recommended, its title, “The Secret of Effective Motivation,” was certainly enough to get me to read it. Who in management doesn’t want to know the “secret” […]

Getting management right: What’s HR’s role?

Few would argue that managers play a large role in attracting the best employees and keeping them engaged and productive. An effective manager keeps the team strong. The trick is learning how to improve managers and figuring out whether, or even if, the human resources department has any control over manager effectiveness.  Pete Smith, a […]

How to Handle the Younger Boss / Older Worker Dilemma

By Carol A. Hacker If you are a younger manager with responsibility for managing people who are older than you, you know what a challenge it can be. One of the biggest challenges for younger managers lies in how they are going to supervise people who are older than them, have more experience than they […]