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Social Media Screening: Prevalence and Practice

In yesterday’s Advisor, Jason Morris, president of EmployeeScreenIQ of Cleveland, Ohio, shared his earned and not-so-earned (diploma mill) degrees. Today, his tips for social media screening. Does your organization conduct online media searches as a means of screening candidates in the hiring process? According to EmployeeScreenIQ’s Survey, about 63% of organizations do not; about 30% […]

Beyond Discrimination: What Else Can You Be Sued for?

West, principal of Employment Practices Specialists in Pacifica, CA, offered her tips at SHRM’s Employment Law and Legislative Conference, held recently in Washington, DC. Defamation In the HR world, defamation often rears itself in relation to references. What exactly is defamation? West says that it has the following characteristics: False statement of fact (opinions are […]

Still a Disaster, Thankfully

Litigation Value: minimum $250,000 if Dwight gets the job. C’mon, let’s be honest. You watched the season finale of The Office for the same reason that millions of fans watch NASCAR. You knew a pile-up was coming. And you kind of hoped the crash would be fantastically terrible — so long as no one was […]