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Pros and Cons of Employee Probationary Periods

Does your organization utilize probationary periods for new hires? During a probationary period, it is typically expected that the new hire’s performance will be evaluated, and the individual can be let go for any reason, including if his or her performance does not meet the established performance standards.

Asking Salary History May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Does your organization routinely ask applicant salary history during the recruiting process? If so, you’ll want to pay close attention to some upcoming legislation that could change all of that. There’s a proposed bill coming before Congress that would make asking salary history illegal.

Make Unboxing Day Count: A Guide to Optimizing the New Hire Experience

By Dane Hurtubise, vice president of New Initiatives, Greenhouse There are few things more exciting than opening something new for the first time. Companies selling consumer goods have become experts at this—making you fall in love with the product, building anticipation, and creating a memorable experience when you finally open the box. In fact, there […]

The Scoop on Team Interviews

Team interviews are becoming a popular interviewing method amongst recruiters and HR managers. Today we’ll take a look at some of the upsides of team interviews and introduce the downsides. Of course you want to hire the best applicant for the job. And you want your hiring processes to help achieve that goal. Many organizations […]

Turnover Costs: What to Include

Of the many HR metrics we study, perhaps some of the most requested are turnover metrics. It’s important to know how much turnover we have so we can make estimates on how much this turnover is costing the organization and to take steps to reduce both the turnover and the associated costs. These costs have […]

Ask the Expert: OK to Waive Benefits Waiting Period for New Hire?

As part of the negotiations for a new hire’s total compensation package, the candidate has asked the company to waive the health benefits eligibility period and start benefits immediately. Can the company agree to this for some new hires and not others? Would this put the company in jeopardy of potential discrimination claims?

Good Hiring Decisions Are Critically Important

Perhaps it should go without saying that making good hiring decisions is critically important to a business’s success. But yet, even though it seems like an obvious statement, many organizations still shortchange the process, especially in times when job applicants are plentiful. Doing that can be a big mistake and can have far-reaching effects. Let’s […]

Employee Turnover Not Always Tied To Higher Wages

Turnover costs for businesses are high and can significantly affect the financial performance of an organization or business. It has been estimated that, on average, it costs a company one-third of a new hire’s annual salary to replace an employee. What causes turnover? Click here to read more.