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Workplace Bias: Court Strips Employee of $1 Million Award; No Evidence Reorganization Was Biased Against Older Workers and Women

In the most familiar type of workplace bias lawsuit, the employee charges that the employer had a discriminatory motive. Butin disparate impact cases, the employee claims that an apparently neutral policy or practice of the employer disproportionately hurt employees in a protected class, even though there was no intent to discriminate. A new California appeal […]

News Notes: Employer Ordered To Pay Big For Misclassifying Managers

An Orange County jury has ordered Edwards Theaters Circuit Inc., based in Newport Beach, to pay $276,000 in back overtime wages to four theater managers who claimed they were misclassified as exempt from overtime. The employees said they spent more than half their time performing non-exempt work, including cleaning up, taking tickets and selling popcorn, […]

Age Discrimination: Court Says You Can Terminate Highly Paid Workers And Retain Cheaper, Younger Employees; Caution Still Required

A California court of appeal has ruled that when making personnel decisions, you can give preference to employees with lower salaries over those with higher ones as long as you do so for financial reasons. This is true even though it may result in your older workers being more negatively impacted. Despite the new ruling, […]