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Interview Process Taking Longer

If it seems like the interview process takes longer than it used to, it’s not your imagination. A new report from job site Glassdoor finds that worldwide, on average, it takes more than a day longer: 23.7 days thus far in 2017, compared to 22.5 days in 2016.


Negligent Training—Can Terminated Employees Sue Successfully?

Fortunately for employers, the answer is No, according to a recent Oklahoma City federal court decision. But this isn’t to say you shouldn’t keep your training on point. Read on for the facts of the case. Former employees and their attorneys have become increasingly creative when it comes to suing past employers. In addition to […]

Training for Ironworkers Replicates On-the-Job Challenges

“Several times a year we meet with the contractors to get feedback about our ironworkers in the field,” says Randy Palumbo, apprenticeship and training coordinator for Iron Workers Local 48 in Oklahoma City (www.ironworkers48.org). “They tell us what they would like taught more in our classes, or taught less, and we build our programs accordingly.” […]

He Doesn’t Talk Like Us

By Charlie S. Plumb As the diversity of our workforce expands, it isn’t unusual for companies to have employees with different cultural backgrounds. In some cases, that may mean your employees speak different languages or sometimes have difficulty communicating. Remember, however, that expressing your concern about an employee’s language capabilities can sometimes lead to an […]