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Ban the Box Laws: Are You Affected?

‘Ban-the-box’ laws are laws that say you cannot have a question on your application that asks ‘do you have a criminal conviction?’ Typically, applications will ask for an explanation or description if the answer was yes. This forces immediate disclosure.

2014 Performance Management Survey Results—What Are Supervisors’ Most Common PA Errors?

Supervisors’ Role in Performance Appraisals Management’s top responsibilities when it comes to performance evaluations are writing evaluations of their direct reports for 85.6% of survey participants, followed closely by setting goals for/with employees for 78.3%, conducting review meetings for 75.3%, and coaching employees for improved performance for 75.3%. Finishing out the field is reviewing evaluations […]

PA Mistake #7—Gaming the System

[Go here for sins 1 to 6.] Sin #7. Gaming the system “John’s work is just OK, to be sure, but I need to give him a big raise to keep him, so he gets an ‘excellent.’” “I can’t stand Sandy, but I can’t transfer him unless he has a high rating; let his next […]

Addiction Spawns Gross Malady

It’s spreading from India to the British Isles, and it’s ready to jump the Atlantic to infect Americans with an unsightly condition. If you love your cell phone or tablet, or are downright addicted, you may have to buy a lot of scarves and turtleneck sweaters to allay this condition, which is a lot more […]

Do Your Supervisors Know How to Communicate in Emergencies?

The material in today’s issue is adapted from BLR’s 10-Minute HR Trainer session, “Communicating in Emergencies.” Supervisors such as yourself play a critical role in emergency communication with employees. In fact, communicating emergency information is a crucial part of your job. How effectively you communicate could make a big the difference to the safety of […]

Critical in Violence Prevention: Plain Talk, No Codes

Sem’s general observations: Badly handled or emotional discipline, refusal of service, or termination often triggers the violence. Never discipline, terminate, or refuse service with emotion. Violence is evolutionary. It tends to escalate. Most situations do show some warning signs. In many situations, people knew something was wrong and didn’t do anything. Generally, someone is aware […]