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Ask the Expert: Should Paid Disability for Maternity Leave Be Extended to Men?

Question: We have many offices throughout the United States. Several states offer short-term disability (STD) programs for maternity leave after the birth of the child. Some do not. If we were to offer a company paid equivalent in the states which do not offer a STD for this time period, would it be a discriminatory […]


What 2017 Holds for Disability and Absence Management

2017 is a year of uncertainty for the HR sector. Absence and disability management professionals are no different. A new president and Congress are sure to institute laws and regulations that make changes great and small. At the same time, states and localities continue to make their own legal and regulatory changes, especially around paid leave.


Video: How to Prepare for a Paid Leave Law Coming to Your City or State

Do you anticipate that your city or state will soon have a paid leave law for employers?  Has your city, county or state recently passed such legislation and you are trying to figure out what steps you should take to ensure compliance? If so, Susan Fentin has some guidance for you on how you can […]


Video: Why Should Employers Consider Offering Paid Sick Leave?

As more and more states and cities adapt paid sick leave laws or ordinances, employers that operate in multiple states will increasingly find themselves with a section of their workforce covered by such laws.  Might it be easier and simpler for such employers to adopt a global policy, extending paid leave to all of  its […]


FMLA Notice Requirements: Calculating Leave Entitlement

As covered in the last installment, You have flexibility in choosing a calendar method for your organization to follow in keeping track of employee use of Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, other than military caregiver leave. This article will cover how to calculate leave entitlement.